How to fix if Garmin GPS is not working?

A GPS is such a mobile phone, but the trick is that instead of receiving radio signals from mobile and telephone organizations, it is designed for receiving signals from satellites that are going around the Earth. By acquiring these signals from the satellites, a GPS makes you able to analyze your exact location on the planet. It records location in synchronize, which are two long numbers. On number tells you how far West or East you are and the second number alerts you that how far Norton or South you are. You can easily download this GPS by visiting Garmin.com/Express.


Your Garmin GPS device can be a powerful tool when you are on drive through the strange province. But it may not help you if you aren’t able to get it to power on. Sometimes, conducting a hard reset can resolve the software problem to resolve the issue, but in some cases, the Garmin unit comes with a known problem that prevents them from booting once the software updates. In that case, clearing out software issues will allow your device to boot clearly.

It creates big trouble when you are not able to turn on the GPS; in that case, it is advisable to do these things to get it resolved as soon as possible.

You can troubleshoot this issue with Soft Reset. For that,

  • Turn off the device by the long pressing power button
  • Now, keep pressing until the method is off and the Garmin logo back again
  • In the end, when the device restarts then release the button

If the problem still persists then, conduct a hard reboot of your Garmin device for that,

  • Disconnect your Garmin GPS device from its power source
  • Press and hold the lower right-hand corner of the touch-screen. After that, turn on the GPS device and keep your finger on the display.
  • Now, wait for the ‘Erase all data?’ option and when it prompts, then select ‘Yes.’
  • In the end, follow the on-screen instructions when your device reboots.

Well, through these steps, you can quickly troubleshoot the problem completely. But sometimes you might face update issue that gets you stuck. In that case, it is recommended to get connected with the technical experts. The technician will completely resolve the issue and ensures hassle-free functionality of the device.