Is there any charge for using Garmin?

There is no particular charge for using a Garmin device you do not have to pay anything once you have completed the purchasing procedure. But if in case you sign up for certain services such as traffic or map updates then for that you might need to pay a certain amount of fees.

One time investment –

The live traffic update or the map updates are the two popular features that provide you services for a certain period of time or you can also sign up for a lifetime. The traffic update news feed keeps away all the traffic jams and also the map update keeps your Garmin maps up to date. The general fee range is from $50 to $100. But in some cases, these fees are already included in the purchase price of Garmin.

Recurring charges –

For certain features Garmin charges yearly subscriptions such as for the features grouped under the link brand along with the nu link services, you can then check the status of your flights, and you can also search for restaurants and stores nearby. These yearly charges can be changed as per the company rules.

Application fees-

Garmin also offers an application called street pilot for the iPhone as well as windows phone you will have to pay a small amount in order to download this application and use it. You can also sign up for the lifetime subscription and you can thus keep enjoying the uses of the application. #garmin.com/express