What is the procedure to update a Garmin GPS?

Despite having a smartphone application, one needs to get different cover storage for a whole new GPS device. If in case you have lost your chance of escaping heavy traffic due to some intruding incoming call then you already know the pain. A Garmin GPS doesn’t eat up your data nor does it eat up the battery of your phone. One important advantage of applications over the GPS is that the maps on the application are updated to their latest every now and then. The Garmin GPS often receives software updates and also map updates the user should just know the update installation process.


garmin gps update

The Garmin Express Application –

In order to update most of the products, the user can easily use Garmin’s own application that is Garmin Express. As and when you will set up your own Garmin profile on the page of the company you will get to see an automatic prompt for the installation of the Garmin Express application. If in case you already have a Garmin profile but you do not have a Garmin express application installed then you can conduct a manual installation for the same.  In order to conduct a manual installation of Garmin express one needs to search for the tab on the page of the company. You can then connect the GPS to your system and click the download link further follow the on-screen prompts in order to install the software and also for registration of the device.  Then as the program will install on your system the GPS software will be updated automatically.

No direct computer connection –

The old Garmin GPS devices used in cars, trucks and other vehicles can be easily updated through a USB connection to the system. The latest devices are more advanced and updated in terms of technology used and therefore they offer an option of wi-fi connectivity.

For transferring updates and all the information, it is essential to keep the GPS connected to the same wifi network. With the help of the Garmin connect a user can easily update the device from anywhere be it a car or anything else the user just needs to have a cellular signal.

Map updates –

If the device has lifetime maps or the first time free Garmin map update then, in that case, you will get a prompt of installation for the same. If that is not the case then you will be given an option of buying lifetime update or a onetime update. If in case your area is developing at a faster rate then buying lifetime updates would be something beneficial.

Horizons –

If in case you are planning a trip out of your country then your Garmin device and the updated maps can help you with that. Most of the Garmin devices already include maps friendly with Mexico and Canada but if in case you are planning a Europe trip or a trip to some other country then you can buy maps from Garmin Express by clicking the “store” icon. you can select a map according to your preference and can buy it for yourself.

Third-party sources –

A Garmin user cannot only buy maps from Garmin but can also use other third-party sources for maps. Most of those third-party maps are created with the help of the same technology that is used in the creation of Garmin maps. You can get a list of such providers on the Garmin website itself. For visiting counties other than Turkey and Ukraine the user should use the crowdsourced maps. These maps can be accessed through a central site called OpenStreetMap. These maps are uploaded by the volunteers.